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About Us

Committed to providing quality home services, so you can focus on what's important to you.

Our Values

At Ambient we have 8 core values. These include Excellence, Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, Commitment to Community, Integrity, Loyalty, Creativity and Curiosity. We like to say thank you to our wonderful staff with weekly thank you cards to those who have shown outstanding examples of our values. 

Our Differences

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Our story

At Ambient Home Group, our goal is always to find the most holistic solution for each and every one of our valued customers. Founded in February 2022, Ambient Home Group started when Amber decided to start building our amazing team. Since then Ambient has grown to over 40 staff in just under 2 years. Our dedicated team aims to assist in all works of life. From cleaning and housekeeping, to childcare and nannying. There is something for everyone.

Meet Our Founder


Welcome to Ambient Home Group, where innovation meets  care! I'm Amber, the CEO and Director, navigating Entrepreneurship while nurturing a passion for home management and a profound appreciation for quality education.

With over a decade of experience in early childhood education, I comprehend the challenges of juggling work, life, and the quest for reliable care and education. Having worn the hats of a Kinder teacher and nanny, I've intimately observed the frustrations that arise in the pursuit of exceptional services in a time-strapped world.

Ambient Home Group is my brainchild, a comprehensive solution aimed at alleviating the challenge of sourcing top-tier education and home care. As a Type-A personality, my robust work ethic is embedded in the fabric of the business, ensuring our team is committed to delivering unparalleled services.

Beyond my role at Ambient Home Group, I am the founder of LikeMinded, a social connection app dedicated to reducing loneliness through in-person events, experiences, and travel.


As the host of "Girl Bosses Don't Gatekeep" and "The Balanced Home" podcasts, I explore topics ranging from empowering women in business to maintaining a harmonious life.

My journey has honed my skills in team building, Business development & planning, technology, and leadership. Fuelled by a passion for healthcare and aspiring to become a doctor one day, I approach life with a care ethics-based perspective. With a background in Biomedical Science, I am steadfast in bringing a holistic and knowledgeable approach to both education and healthcare.

Join me in crafting a more balanced world where quality education and care seamlessly integrate into our bustling lives. At Ambient Home Group, we strive to simplify your life, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

-Amber Main

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