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Terms and conditions of service

Dear Customers,


Please carefully read through our terms and conditions prior to booking. These policies will assist us in providing a more effective service between Ambient Home Group and its customers.


If you have concerns, questions or requests, kindly send us an email or a call

Service time frames allocated are an estimate only. Time frames are subject to individual factors which may mean they are shorter or longer than initially anticipated.

Booking process

As we quote based on individual factors such as size and difficulty of the home we first require all new customers to fill out a new client consult form in order to gain more information. For babysitting, cleaning and housekeeping, floral arrangements a quote will be sent based on your inquiry. For gardening and window cleaning please get in touch via email or phone directly to book/obtain a quote. Dog walking, babysitting and mobile massage can be booked directly on our website. Please note that whilst all services can be requested via online booking, your appointment time/day is NOT confirmed until you receive a text/email confirmation or and email/phone call from us. We require upfront payment to confirm your booking. For regular services/reocurring booking you card will be charged 7 days prior to your service date.. This is due to high scheduling demands. We value our customers and always strive to come back to inquiries and bookings as soon as possible but please allow 1-2 business days. Thank you.


Customers are free to choose from their preferred cleaning products:

  • Regular (+$5)

  • Eco-friendly products (+$7)

  • You may choose for the cleaner to use your own cleaning supplies (in which you will responsible for any special instructions or directions).

Ambient does not supply vacuum cleaners or mops at this stage. Partly due to it being a health and safety hazard for staff to be carrying around heavy equipment in between jobs as well as a hygiene issue due to cross contamination.

We require vacuums and mops to be provided and in good working condition. 



Staff will arrive in comfortable, professional attire. It's our policy that our employees do not smoke or eat in your home or surrounding property. Sometimes staff may take “before and after photos''. These are strictly for professional use only and usually between staff and managers for quality compliance. No photos will be used for social media or other without client permission.


I consent to before and after photos being used publicly for business social media, website purposes (optional)



We strive to exceed your expectations for quality cleaning services. We inspect our work before leaving your home and are constantly striving to improve our processes, procedures and training of staff. With regards to complaints, Ambient Home group will always strive to come to a resolution wherever possible.  If you have any complaints about the quality of your service, it is best to inform us on the same day so that we can address this in a timely manner and make arrangements if necessary. Matters addressed weeks/months later may not be able to be addressed due to time elapsed. 


If you are dissatisfied with your service please email or call us to notify us within 3 business days. Please document with photos. Ambient home group is unable to accept/address complaints if a client cleans after the service without first taking photos and notifying us of any dissatisfaction. Any damages must be documented with before and after photos within 3 business days. Our cleaners are very careful. Sometimes, accidents can happen. If you have any expensive, irreplaceable, sensitive objects, we request you to keep them away or put in a secured place to avoid painful accidents. Please note we are insured, however if things are particularly precious, especially sentimental, these may not always be able to be replaced. 


If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking within 3 days of your booked service, a fee will apply depending on the time frame. Though Ambient will always aim to exercise discretion, you are responsible for getting in touch (Phone is the fastest method). 0466860499

Please note that the following additional fees may apply depending on the timeframe:

  • 72-49 hours = 25% of your quoted price.

  • 48-25 hours = 50% of your quoted price.

  • Under 24 hours = 100% of your quoted price.


Payment is due 24 hours after receiving your invoice. We require this to confirm your booking slot. For reoccurring services, your card will be charged 7 days prior to your booking. You will be sent an electronic invoice on the day. We will send you a notification/ reminder when your payment is due.


Wear and Tear: We understand that normal wear and tear is a part of everyday life and is not covered by our cleaning services. This includes minor scuffs, scratches, or other cosmetic issues that develop as a result of regular usage. If you have specific cleaning needs or areas that require extra attention, please inform us before your scheduled cleaning appointment. Ambient cannot be held responsible if adequate information on job description is not provided and thus falls outside the scope of initial job/work. Exclusions: Ambient reserves the right to determine the feasibility of addressing specific cleaning requests based on the condition, nature, and suitability of the task. Some tasks may require additional charges, and we will, wherever possible, discuss these with you in advance.

Power for requested services: It is the customers responsibility to ensure power is connected and accessible for staff use on the day of the service. AHG is not responsible if the service is unable to procedure to interruptions to power. 


Please let us know if you will be home or plan to leave home on your day of scheduled clean. We will assume the protocol from what you pick below. Let us know of any changes at any time. If you are not at home when we come to clean, please deactivate your security alarm prior to each scheduled visit, or provide us with your code. 

I will:

  • Be home to greet the cleaner

  • Leave a key under mat

  • Give a key via lockbox and code

  • Door will be open (cleaner to open)

  • Give a door code______

  • Others (please specify) ___________________


If you are not home to allow access or you forget etc: The cleaner will attempt to ring the doorbell/knock on the door/look for a key under the mat etc. After this, the cleaner will wait 5 minutes before calling management to notify them they cannot gain access. We will attempt to call you. If, after 20 minutes, we still are unable to gain access, the cleaner will have to leave and you will be charged the full amount for the service. 


  • I have a permit available

  • There is adequate street parking

  • There is paid parking (Parking to be paid by client on the day)

  • There is a nearby street/area where parking is available__________

  • I can provide a garage/car spot


You will receive 10% off on your next cleaning service for referring each NEW CUSTOMER to Ambient Home Group.

(Discount will be applied after the referred customer's first booking with us)


Whilst we aim to provide consistency to clients by sending familiar cleaners for more regular bookings (weekly/fortnightly), This is subject to changes due to scheduling demands, illness and staff being away. All of our staff are employed by us (not subcontracted) Ambient Home Group reserves the right to occasionally reschedule staff as needed. If a regular cleaner is absent, Ambient will attempt to provide a suitable replacement.


In the event that your regular/more familiar cleaner/s leave, change availability, relocate or discontinue work for whatever reason, Ambient Home Group aims to create a smooth transition for all involved, wherever possible 😊. During this transition period please keep in mind that we are doing our best to organize for you, suitable replacement staff member/s. All of our staff are great and thoroughly vetted by us prior to employment (police checked, 3x vaccinated and experienced).


 We are working in line with our cleaners schedules and all of their existing clients. AHG will either endeavor to fit you in with an existing staff members schedule (which may mean being a bit flexible with days and times), or alternatively we may decide to hire and onboard an experienced cleaner (which can take a few weeks). Please note that the turn around for this process can range from a few days to up to 3 weeks. Your flexibility of days/times will shorten this process (please let us know what days and times will work ongoing).


 We understand change is not ideal with busy lives! Your patience is appreciated whilst we do the work for you to find your next superstar cleaner/housekeeper!


Prior to the cleaner’s arrival, please remove all items, clothing, toys, etc that may delay the efficient cleaning of your home. (unless you have requested a tidy-up to be included). This will maximize productivity and minimize the time we spend cleaning your home.

If you prefer that our cleaners remove these items, we are happy to do so, however, we will add this to your bill with the corresponding change. Please note: If you require more than 30 minutes tidying up, we require that you notify us in advance so that we can make arrangements.

Ambient Home Group strives to provide consistency wherever possible. However, as our cleaners are human beings, becoming unwell, taking leave and holidays are all things that happen occasionally. If a regular cleaner is absent, Ambient will attempt to provide a suitable replacement. By signing this agreement you acknowledge this. Ambient may also occasionally partner another cleaner with a regular cleaner for training purposes. Please note: ALL staff are police checked and vaccinated against Covid 19 (including trainees)


AHG aims to provide timely and efficient communication to our clients. Please communicate directly with our admin team ( (0435677545) in a timely manner to ensure the most timely response. AHG does not recommend passing on messages to cleaners (in case they are away/absent for the next service). Communicating via phone or email to our admin team will ensure your information is accurately and effectively conveyed. AHG uses an app based system to communicate information with our staff about services. Please call/text Amber on 0490928163 for all sensitive/important matters. 


For the safety of your children (if any), we ask you to supervise them while the cleaners and equipment are present in your home.

Our cleaners are not responsible for children if you are not supervising them or decide to leave the house.


Window cleaning safet

If we arrive at your booking and we deem that the windows are unsafe to proceed with cleaning (e.g. extremely old) Ambient Home Group reserves the right to cancel the service.


Our commitment to safety covers everything, from making sure we are doing our part to stop the risk of spreading the virus, to maintaining business continuity so that our customers and staff don’t have to worry. 


Dear customer: If you have recently found out that you have Covid-19, you will need to let us know immediately and reschedule.



Please secure all pets that are dangerous (or may become a hinderance) to our employees inside and outside of your place of residence. This also allows the cleaners to complete the job hassle and stress-free!​


A full list of extras is available on our website under housekeeping.

You may also refer from here:

  •  Bed linen Change (+$9 per bed) please specify quantity __________

  • Light tidy up (+$10) 15 mins

  • Heavy tidy up (+$25) 30 mins

  • Dishes washed (+$12) per full sink

  • Oven clean (+$30)

  • Clothes folding (+$15) per basket. Please specify quantity_______

  • Balcony Clean (+$28)

  • Wall clean (+$9) per wall. Please specify quantity________

  • Shutter/Blind dust (+$10) per blind. Please specify quantity__________

  • Fridge Interior clean (+$30)

  • Rangehood clean (+$18)

  • Ironing (+$12) for 4 items

  • Windows inside and out (via consult)

  • Couch spot clean (+$5)


If you forget to notify us about an extra you'd like on the day, the cleaner will attempt to complete this at the end if there is time. The cleaner will notify us of the extra and this will be added to your invoice.

If there is not enough time, you will have to rebook the extra with your next service.


We always recommend an initial spring clean or deep clean if it has been more than 3 weeks since you have had your house cleaned. This is because there are items that cannot be accounted for with just the standard boutique clean. Such as: Shower scum that has built up, any amount of mold, caked up grime on sink, heavy layer of dust. If we arrive at your place and you have booked a standard clean and we think your house needs a deep clean, the cleaners will let you know that the job may be beyond the standard packages capabilities. In this case, there are items such as listed above that may not be cleaned to completion due to time restrictions.


If you want to know what's included with the clean you’re choosing, kindly refer to the details below


Customer privacy and confidentiality is very important. Any photos taken inside homes are for quality control purposes only. Please note we cannot complete a service without quality control photos. This ensures both parties have supporting material in the unlikely event of a dispute. 


Privacy and confidentiality is very important to us. Sharing any information about clients and their homes etc is not permitted, on social media especially. This includes photos and videos. Any photos taken will only be used with express permission.


We do not allow our cleaners to book/ work with our customers outside Ambient Organization. All of our Staff are under contract (employed) by Ambient Home group and we will consider this a strict conflict of interest. If you wish to rebook for another session, kindly contact us at or  Amber (0435 677 545).



  • I hereby agree and acknowledge that I understand all the terms and policies stated above


Customers name:






Customer policy/service agreement


Floral arrangements policy

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