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Experience the magic of Ambient Childcare

About Ambient Childcare

We believe that finding the best education and care for children comes down to finding the best educators! We know that people with a passion for their role in children's lives are essential. We prioritise finding (and keeping!) educators and nannies who understand the impact they have on education and development in the early years.

Please note: Time frames allocated are an estimate only. Service time frames are subject to individual factors which means it may be shorter or longer than initially anticipated. 

About our educators/nannies

Safety First

Hold valid police checks

Hold a valid CPR and First aid certificate

Are triple vaccinated against covid-19



Have a background in ECE i.e. Diploma/cert 3 in ECE.

At least 2 years experience working with children


Paid above award rates for their amazing work

We only employ nannies/babysitters who are passionate about what they do! 


Are friendly, professional and reliable

Are fun, fair and full of ideas

Are experienced and enthusiastic


Browse Our Educators & Nannies

We understand that each family comes with their own unique set of requirements. Find the nanny that best fits your children and their needs. 

Pricing Options


Permenant nanny

We will find a fabulous nanny for you based on your family's specific requirements.

We will vet your new nanny for you, all you have to do is tell us what you're looking for! After a probationary period (2-4 weeks), your nanny will be employed by you on an agreed-upon arrangement. This option is great if you're wanting a nanny who can work regular hours and also allows you to have more say in the terms of employment and job description. You set your nanny's rate (in line with fair work standards) Please note: we recommend up to 6 weeks to search and find your perfect nanny. We can't guarantee success with shorter timeframes but will always do our best to accommodate. 

$1000 - $5000

A once-off placement fee is paid to us after your nanny completes their probationary period (to ensure a good match is made).


Pay by the hour

A stress-free, casual option with all admin taken care of!


Choose from our pool of nannies and babysitters. We perform all checks for you!  ​You will be responsible for an hourly rate paid via invoice to us on a fortnightly basis.​ Our pay-by-the-hour babysitters are employed by Ambient Home Group.

 The hourly cost covers Nanny wages, 10.5% Superannuation payments, Tax, Insurance and GST.

$30-$40 per hour


Rates are reflective of individual babysitter experience and qualifications.

Extra children: $5 per child per hr in excess of two children and children under 12 months. Max 4 children per babysitter.


Booking fees: $25 regular booking

$35 same-day booking

$40 Public holiday

Don't want to pay a booking fee? Check out our pre paid options to waive the fee!

Hide and Seek

Ready to find/book your nanny?

The ideal timeframe to find a nanny is 3 - 6 weeks. If you need a Nanny more quickly we can accommodate but can't guarantee success.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll get back to you shortly.

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