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Which service option is best for my family? 

Find me a permanent nanny


We will find a fabulous nanny for you based on your family's specific requirements.

After a probationary period (2-4 wks), most families move to this option. This option is great if you're wanting a nanny who can work regular hours and also allows you to have more say in the terms of employment and job description. You set your nanny's rate (in line with fair work standards)

A once-off placement fee is paid to us after your nanny completes their probationary period (to ensure a good match is made).


Pay by the hour


A stress-free, casual option with all admin taken care of!


We will advertise, perform all checks, employ and recruit your nanny for you! They will be set up as a legal employee of Ambient Home Group.

You will be responsible for an hourly rate paid via invoice to us on a fortnightly basis.


 The hourly cost covers Nanny wages, 10.5% Superannuation payments, Tax, Insurance and GST.

Rates: $30 p/hr Mon-Sat (minimum 3 hrs). $35 p/hr Sun. $40 p/hr Public holidays (minimum 4 hrs).

Extra children: $5 per child per hr in excess of two children and children under 12 months. Max 4 children per babysitter.


Booking fees: $25 regular booking

$35 same-day booking

$40 Public holiday

$30-40 Per hour

I'm ready to find/book a nanny!

The ideal timeframe to find a nanny is 3 - 6 weeks. If you need a Nanny more quickly we can accommodate but can't guarantee success.

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Parent life can be hard work! We all need night off sometimes. 

Bringing little balance back into your life with some nights off/out can work wonders. 

Our date night packages allow you to choose nights off in advance so you have something special to look forward to!