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Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistant service covers a wide range of tasks to support your business or personal needs. From managing emails, scheduling appointments, conducting research, handling data entry, to maintaining social media accounts, our talented assistants are here to lighten your workload.



Fill out our inquiry form so we can discover & understand your specific requirements, business objectives, and the tasks you need assistance with. This will help us tailor our virtual assistant services to meet your unique needs.


Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we will carefully match you with a highly skilled virtual assistant from our talented pool of professionals. We consider factors such as expertise, experience, and compatibility to ensure a perfect fit for your business.


Once we have identified the most suitable virtual assistant for you, we will arrange an introduction between you and the chosen candidate. We will assist with the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition and providing any necessary support along the way.

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Meet Our VA's



Social Media, Digital Marketing

I'm Sophia, your dedicated digital marketing expert. Proficient in the realm of digital marketing, I specialise in creating creating compelling content and social media campaigns.  My true passion lies in the art of crafting engaging content that mesmerizes and engages followers. 

20220411_143307 (1).jpg


Social Media, Admin 

I'm Heather – an educator with a wealth of experience under my belt. Recently, I've channeled my expertise and dedication to aiding others into the realms of virtual assistance and social media management. My journey is rooted in a profound understanding of time management and organisational tactics.

1P6A0700 (1).jpg


Consulting,Graphic Design & Social Media

I’m Olivia,  a dynamic virtual assistant with a wide array of skills in graphic design, social media management, brand consultancy, and administrative tasks. I focus on creativity when working with clients and bring a fresh perspective to every project. 

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Influencer Marketing, Admin

I'm Jessica, a versatile Virtual Assistant skilled in both administrative support and influencer marketing. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for driving brand growth, I'm here to streamline your tasks and elevate your influencer journey. 



Administration Support

I'm Daniela, an executive and virtual assistant with 4 years experience as an Executive Assistant. My strenghts lie in delivering top-notch admin support. I take pleasure in aiding others to maintain an organised and structured life, understanding the challenges of overwhelming schedules. 

221027 MDK Chris Chantelle 025_websize (1).jpg


Administration Support

I'm Chantelle, a customer service-driven Virtual Assistant, proudly rooted in the Service, Hospitality, and Events industries. With an unshakable passion for surpassing expectations, my focus centers on delivering impeccable support, ensuring each client enjoys a truly delightful experience.


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