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Massage Supplies

How it works


Choose your massage style/pressure


Select your preferred date and time


Pick your location (We come to you!)


Relax and enjoy your massage!

What we bring with us:

Massage table


Massage oils and treatments

Quiet, relaxing music soundtrack


To prepare for your massage please ensure the following:

  • Ensure you have filled out our “new client massage form”, remembering to include any allergies or injuries.

  • Adequate space for our massage table and masseuse to move around

  • A quiet, relaxing area away from noise and distraction will create the best relaxation experience (This includes children and pets)

  • Hygiene is important i.e.: bathing/showering beforehand is always appreciated.

Please be aware: Time frames allocated are an estimate only. Service time frames are subject to individual factors which means it may be shorter or longer than initially anticipated.

Services we offer