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Housekeeping & Cleaning

Due to the unique requirements of each home and client, we require new clients to book a one-on-one initial consultation. Please fill in the below form and we will be in contact to arrange with you further.

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Important Information

We always recommend an initial spring clean or deep clean if it has been more than 3
weeks since you have had your house cleaned.


This is because there are items that cannot be accounted for with just the standard boutique clean. Such as: Shower scum that has built up, any amount of mold, caked up grime on sink, heavy layer of dust.


If we arrive at your place and you have booked a standard clean (or the level of current cleanliness does not match) and we think your house needs a deep clean, the cleaners will let you know that the job may be beyond the standard packages capabilities. In this case, there are items such as listed above that may not be cleaned to completion due to time restrictions.

  • Ambient does not supply vacuum cleaners or mops at this stage. Partly due to it being a health and safety hazard for staff to be carrying around heavy equipment in between jobs etc.

  • Whilst we aim to provide consistency to clients by sending familiar cleaners for more regular bookings (weekly/fortnightly), This is subject to changes due to scheduling demands, illness and staff being away. All of our staff are employed by us (not subcontracted) Ambient Home Group reserves the right to occasionally reschedule staff as needed. If a regular cleaner is absent, Ambient will attempt to provide a suitable replacement. 

Thanks! We'll be in touch to organise with you further.

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