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Ambient Partner Alert!

Dear Ambient Home Group customers,

My name is Nathan and I will be partnering with Ambient Home Group on a few projects present and coming in the future! I work with Remini Group which are an up and coming Interior Design based business situated in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. We would love to thank Ambient Home Group for this opportunity to partner together.

In additional to our partnership, I will also be posting to the blog page on a scheduled basis on Interior Design content. My background within Interior Design is residential, having been apart of the design industry working for established builders, showrooms and Australian brands. I have expertise and experience on designing and consulting towards Melbourne's design trends and decor. I would love to bring this experience to you, through informative and entertaining light blog posts.

If there are any Interior Design related questions that you want me to address in any future posts feel free to send them through and I will do my best to write a post on it.

Wishing all Ambient Home Group customers a wonderful day and enjoy the weather coming up to Christmas!


Remini Group

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