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Christmas Tree Inspo!

How to decorate your Christmas Tree this Christmas?

To celebrate our first blog post on this page I will be attempting to tackle the age long question of How to Decorate your Christmas tree from an Interior Design perspective.

Allow me to set the scene, it is present day December 2022 in Melbourne, you and your family have had the same quarantine Christmas for the last few years now. Same tree, same small gathering and you are looking for a change but not sure how it would look.

I know personally I have spent the best part of the last decade decorating the same green tree with the same ornaments. Nothing is to say there is anything wrong with that, but I get the feeling a lot of people are after some inspiration for this year!

Christmas is such a vibrant time of the year, a celebration for the year past and the anticipation for year to come!

When asking around other designs how they were putting up the their tees, I wasn't surprised to hear back 20 separate different ideas. It is 100% safe to say that there is absolutely no correct way to put up your tree this year. With that out of the way, there are definitely ways to make this year special.

Here are three ideas for you:


We have all seen the classic Christmas trees growing up, the greens, reds, silvers and gold. I put to you that 2022 is the year we switch it up and do something different. Experiment with non traditional colours, white, blues, even pinks, lilacs and purples. The key to colours for the tree is variation. Pick a colour scheme and decorate with colours which are similar in shades but not exactly the same.


The most effective way of decorating the tree and making it stand out without actually buying a whole new tree. I recommend investing in high quality ornaments with consistent colour variations. The current 2022 trend is definitely the tree with overflowing and abundant ornament. Obviously it is to make up for the lack of celebration for the last two years, right?

Anything BUT the tree!

This will sound strange, but if you are happy with your tree already but want a change, there are so many other ways! When consulting my clients I always like to bring up the idea of enhancing the environment to allow certain elements to shine. Maybe if you are going for more of a minimal design it is about changing the curtain colours, or switching the lights that go around the tree. Maybe it is changing where the Christmas tree goes, we all have that one 'Christmas tree corner in the house' but that really doesn't have to be the case.

To close, the main takeaway points I have found through my research on this topic is:

  1. There is no correct way to design your Christmas tree!

  2. Quality of ornaments and materials.

  3. Try something new, change the location and colours of your tree.

Changes in design don't often need to be massive changes. Sometimes minimal changes make the greatest difference.

I would love to hear if this was inspiring and brought about new ideas for such an already established tradition. I will be back with a new blog post soon in the future. Wishing you a fun and safe month for the rest of December!


Remini Group

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